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Our team of verification specialists takes the burden off your teams by delivering fast, accuracy driven results on your candidates’ employment, education, license or background verification so you can feel confident in your hiring process.

Accutrace verification specialists drive verification turnaround time to under just 72 hours on average.

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Verification of Education

Verification of an applicant’s educational information includes dates attended, major areas of study, degrees earned and transcript information where available. Institutions searched include high school, GED programs, colleges, technical and trade schools as well as certificate programs.

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Verification of Employment

Verifying an applicant’s past employment is important but can be very time-consuming for HR staff or managers. Accutrace provides this service with the same level of commitment and attention to detail as an in-house HR representative. This service confirms information and details provided by an applicant regarding prior employment including dates of employment, positions held, eligibility for rehire, attendance, and if provided reason for termination.

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Verification of Professional License

Accutrace confirms an applicant’s professional license directly with the licensing board as a primary source for the verification of an individual’s credentials. This search will collect the current status, date of issuance, expiration date and any relevant disciplinary actions.

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