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Criminal Background Checks

Domestic (U.S. Jurisdiction) Criminal Record services are provided by Accutrace’s own effort wherever possible or through Accutrace’s network of court record furnishers. Searches will cover a history of seven (7) years from the date of request, unless requested and approved otherwise. Reporting prohibitions on criminal records older than seven years may apply due to state and federal laws. Government agencies in some jurisdictions charge for access to records held.

Audit Support

County Search Included

Criminal court files at the state jurisdictional court (county and municipal court) are searched for felony and misdemeanor records. Detailed information on criminal records found will include, when made available by the court, but may not be limited to; date of offense, charges, plea, disposition and sentence. Open arrest warrants are also reported and generally include cases awaiting trial or charges for failure to appear. This service is often paired with an Address and Social Security Trace search to ensure all counties of residence are included in the court search.

Statewide Checks, Nationwide

Most states maintain a central repository to track known criminals. County courts, local police, state police as well as other state law enforcement agencies submit criminal records to the state’s repository. The state repositories are made available to the public by most states but not all.

The Nationwide Criminal Offender Profile is a multi-jurisdictional search tool that returns
criminal offender information. This search pulls records from Proprietary Offender Data (POD), Department of Corrections (DOC), Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Sex Offender Registry.

Identity Checks

Federal, Civil, Wants & Warrants

U.S. Federal District Courts hold records of federal law violations or crimes committed on federal property. Federal criminal records do not appear in state or county court record searches, federal records are searched either by federal district or a search of all districts. While there are fewer filings of federal criminal records, they generally involve very serious offenses such as embezzlement, civil right violations, robbery, drug trafficking or kidnapping.

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